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”Rugsund Handelsstad” is an old bargain place from the middle of the 1600. From 1600 until today there has always been bargain at Rugsund Handelsstad. Today it is under restoration by the Skaar family whose ancestors has been living and running Rugsund Handelsstad for a hundred years in 2016. The Skaar family wants to preserve the buildings and the cultural atmosphere at Rugsund Handelsstad. And trough the different services that Rugsund Handelsstad offers the family want to give other people the opportunity to experience their special and cultural home.      

 ”Landhandelen” is a small shop in an old traditional Norwegian style. We offer several products in the shop like; candy, the most important food products, diesel, propane, GPS (if you order), fishing equipments, lifebelts, souvenirs from Rugsund Handelsstad and a lot more.  “Landhandelen” is also a reception for our guests at Rugsund Handelsstad and it is open from 10:00 to 21:00 every day in the summer season (02.07 – 01.08.2010). Through the rest of the year, if you want to visit Rugsund Handelsstad, you can knock on the door to the big white house. This is where the Skaar family lives and as long as we are home we will open for you.

Svalen Café. 
At Svalen Cafè we serve hot meals between 13:00-20:00 every day through the summer season (02.07 – 01.08.2010).  In the Cafè you can also buy different cakes, soft ice, ice cream and more.  Svalen Cafè is also open some weekends and holydays beside the summer season, please call us for more information.

Rugsund Handelsstad marina.
We have a marina for our boat guests that we have been running sins the 1970`s. In the marina we have a number of different service offers; diesel, propane, electrical power (16 ampere), toilets, showers, a washroom with a dryer and a small playground. We can also recommend several mountain trips or roads if you want to take a walk or go for a bike ride.    

Do you want to rent a house, apartment or a room or are you planning a wedding? 
We are renting out holyday-houses, apartments and rooms. We also have special locations suited for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, company parties and similar events. Rugsund Handelsstad does also arrange dances, dinner- and other parties in this location, a building called “Buda”.   

The Bakery.
We have an old bakery with a big stone oven at Rugsund Handelsstad.
At some occasions we arrange pizza nights or baking courses for our guests.   

Scuba diving.
We have many exiting options for scuba diving at Rugsund Handelsstad and in the surrounding area. This is appreciated by many divers not at least the Skaar family themselves who loves scuba diving.  You can see shipwrecks, a lot of different fish species and other fascinating sea life. We also have a compressor if you need air (225 to 300 bar).

The hight under the ”Rugsundbridge”!
If you have a sailboat and are going under the ”Rugsund-bridge” the official hight is 15 meters above sea level at 50 meters width. But the real hight under the middle of the bridge is much higher – in fact so high that you can go benit it with a sailboat that is 18 meter high at the middle beetween low and high tide (at own risk). Call us for the hight right now!

Please make contact for more information!